How to Trim Your Hedges DIY 2022

Hedge trimming is a lot less terrifying than it sounds. In other words, even if you’ve never attempted a DIY project before, you should be able to pull this one off. Hedge trimming is best done in the late winter or early spring when the plants are dormant. However, it would help if you waited until after the blooming season to prune early spring flowering hedges. One of the best […]

Protect Your Hedges

The winters in Canada may be pretty tricky on your hedges. Wind, temperatures below freezing, snow, and ice may cause harm to your fences and hurt or kill them. Therefore, in addition to removing snow, what other steps can you do to save your landscape during the coldest period of the year? While your hedges may not be as visible during the colder months, it’s essential not to neglect them […]

Hedge Trimming

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hedge Trimming

Hedges serve as decorative borders that double as privacy enhancers. To make them dense and attractive, they call for regular trimming. However, hedge trimming in Manotick isn’t just about cutting them into shape. It’s about using good skills and creating enviable shapes while protecting the plants from harm. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of trimming your hedges. The Do’s of Hedge Trimming in Manotick When trimming your […]

Hedge Trimming Ottawa 2022

Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Hedges Trimmed This Summer When it comes to keeping your yard looking its best, maintaining your hedge is one of the most critical tasks. The best way to keep your hedge healthy is to have it trimmed. Trimming your hedges helps keep your wall look tidy. Here are 10 reasons you should have your hedges trimmed this summer for Hedge Trimming Ottawa. 1. It’s […]