Tips for Tree Trimming this Summer

Summer is among us, and it is time to get out and begin yard work or maintain the yard work you’ve already started. For many of us, we have trees in our yards, and adequately caring for them is essential for their health and also essential for having your yard look as you want it to. While we know that we need to care for our trees in a specific […]

Hedge Trimming Ottawa Reviews

When Marco M needed professional hedge trimming in Ottawa, he knew who to call: Hedge King. Hedge King – Ottawa isn’t new to the hedge trimming game. As an owner-operated company, Hedge King has been serving the Ottawa area for years. With over 140 reviews and a 4.9-star ranking, the company is the number one hedge and tree trimming service in the region, and that made a difference for Marco. […]

When to Trim Cedar Hedges in Ottawa

In the natural setting, cedar is quite a resilient tree. Cedar trees lead forest lines, and they can grow in places where many other tree species cannot survive. As long as the basic needs of water and sunlight are met, cedar trees do well in most cases. When planted properly in an artificial setting, they provide adequate property line protection and offer a natural privacy solution. This is because a […]

hedge trimming Stittsville

Did you know that simple hedge maintenance like trimming could be all the makeover your home landscape needs? When it comes to hedge care, proper trimming and pruning make a huge difference. You don’t want a dead, spotty, pest, and disease-infested hedge marking your landscape. But to keep it lush and healthy, first understand the type of hedge you have. If you live in the suburban community of Stittsville, you […]