When to Trim Cedar Hedges in Ottawa

In the natural setting, cedar is quite a resilient tree. Cedar trees lead forest lines, and they can grow in places where many other tree species cannot survive. As long as the basic needs of water and sunlight are met, cedar trees do well in most cases. When planted properly in an artificial setting, they provide adequate property line protection and offer a natural privacy solution. This is because a […]

hedge trimming Stittsville

Did you know that simple hedge maintenance like trimming could be all the makeover your home landscape needs? When it comes to hedge care, proper trimming and pruning make a huge difference. You don’t want a dead, spotty, pest, and disease-infested hedge marking your landscape. But to keep it lush and healthy, first understand the type of hedge you have. If you live in the suburban community of Stittsville, you […]

cedar trimming Ottawa

Much work comes with maintaining the ideal home, a home that attracts visitors, a home that calms the soul, and a warm home. Among the factors that make a beautiful is the outside aesthetics, specifically the hedges. The hedges speak volumes about a maintained home, a home where love resides. Trimming your hedges should be a home improvement routine completed with exceptional professionalism. If completed by experts, hedge trimming is […]

Ottawa Cedar Hedge Removal

An excellent way of creating a resilient home or property landscape is by managing the trees and hedges around it. Proper maintenance such as pruning and trimming is one of the ways to keep them neat and sharp. Cedar hedges, for instance, are often used to create privacy and beauty on a property. In Ottawa, for example, there are several cedar tree species, with Thuja occidentals being the most common. […]