stump grinding services

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Have you concluded that you need to chop down one of your trees? Assuming this is the case; odds are that you’re thinking about what you will do with the stump that is left finished. There are great deals of advantages that you will discover in the event that you decide to have the stump ground services from professionals that provide Stump Grinding Service Ottawa. The following are the advantages […]

winter dieback

Tips to help the tree recover from winter dieback

Most trees drop their water-adoring leaves in fall so they can moderate however much water as could reasonably be expected before winter begins. Likewise, trees experience a couple of entrancing natural changes to prevent their cells from freezing.  In any case, despite these endeavors, the winter climate is constant. There’s constantly an opportunity your tree will begin spring with a type of injury from the cold, a.k.a. winter dieback. In […]

Tree removal services in Ottawa

Best Time of Year for Tree Removal Service

While there is no right time to eliminate a trouble tree, a tree should be removed when it is dead, damaged or too weak. If you do so, you can protect your landscape from possible damages from the defected trees. If you need a tree to be removed at the right time, contact Hedge King. We have specialist arborists who can handle all tree care services including tree removal services […]

tree care services

Common Signs Your Tree Is Not Completely Healthy

At Hedge King, our priority is the health of all the trees on your property. Besides tree removal, we also offer tree spraying services that will help your hedge live a long, healthy life. Once you get spraying and other protection services for your trees, diseases or major concerns won’t be a risk at all. If you haven’t had these services done, there could be many signs your hedges are […]