When is the Best Time to Remove Your Cedar Hedges?

Cedar hedges represent a shield of protection along the edge of your property. You can refer to them as Mother Nature’s Masterpiece within your property. They are beautiful, comforting and can be viewed as part of your home. So, removing your cedar hedge from your landscape can be a challenging experience to encounter. However, there comes a time when it is inevitable you get rid of your cedar hedge. If it is no longer serving you as it used to, it might be time you left its fate in the hands of professional arborists. If you are not sure when is the best time for Cedar hedge removal Ottawa, the following guide should keep you enlightened:

When your cedar hedge is overgrown

A cedar hedge over time can grow significantly more prominent than you would like it to. You may want to consider cedar hedge removal from the experts and grow another cedar hedge afresh when it reaches that point. Remember, it should have a look that you have always wanted when it comes to your property, and it does not make sense to have an overgrown cedar within your landscape if that is not what you want.

In case it is disease infected

If you realize that a disease has infected your cedar hedge and it is starting to dry up, it will help if you got it removed as soon as possible. The problem with keeping a cedar hedge that is infected is that it can pass the infection to other surrounding trees, or when it dries up entirely, the sight of it might not be too pleasing. If your cedar hedge has been infected, contact professionals to remove it and allow you to keep your compound free of tree infections.

When it is time for a new look

Your landscape means a lot to you, and there is no denying that cedar hedges add to the aesthetics of your compound. They look elegant and beautiful, but there comes a time when you want something different for your property. If you are tired of the cedar hedges and would love something new, you can have them removed and do whatever you want with your landscape.

When you cannot handle the pruning or trimming

If you have cedar hedges within your property, you must take care of them. If you do not give your cedar hedge the attention it deserves, it will overgrow and not look appealing. As such, you are required to prune or trim it every once in a while. Unfortunately, you may get so busy, and you do not have time for such activities. When you realize your schedule has become too packed, you should consider cedar hedge removal Ottawa instead of having untrimmed cedar hedges that only make your property look neglected.

When the cedar starts destroying your property

Sometimes your cedar hedges can be overgrown and invade your property, and if you are not too careful, they may cause damages. The last thing you want is your yard or pasture filling up with cedars or squeezing into walls to the point it almost starts cracking. If there is any hint that your cedar hedge might destroy your property, have it removed as soon as possible.

If you have determined it is time to remove your cedar hedges, get professional help. If removed the wrong way, it can cause damage to your property. That is why you should always hire a trained arborist whenever you want your cedar hedges removed.

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