Ottawa Tree Services and Maintenance

Ottawa Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance is one of the most important aspects to maintaining the exterior of your property. Trees require regular maintenance whether it is thinning or reducing the overall size of the tree. This is important for the overall health of the tree.

In some cases trees require removing due to a variety of reasons such as being dead, diseased, crowding or new construction. In all these cases it is important to remove the tree safely and in a timely manner.


Ottawa Tree Removal

Our highly skilled team are experts in precisely removing all shapes and sizes of trees using various methods. The most common method involves climbing the tree and limbing branches as the climber ascends up the tree. Once near the top they top the tree and then remove 2-3ft sections of the truck on their decent back down the tree.


Ottawa Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is important to maintaining the health of your tree and your landscape. Whether they are low hanging branches interfering with a driveway or walkway or branches further up the tree rubbing on your house. No matter the case our team can take care of it.


Ottawa Tree Thinning

Trees require thinning every 2-3 years depending on the tree. Thinning is the process of removing crowded and dead branches from inside the tree. This not only reduces chance for disease but allows more light to make its way through the tree to your surrounding landscape.


Ottawa Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been safely removed you will be left with a stump. The stump can be an eye sore and in some cases a tripping hazard. With the use of a stump grinder we can remove the stump below grade so grass or flowers can be planted instead.

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