Signs You Need To Prune Your Trees

Tree pruning regularly provides you with various benefits as it improves your property’s curb appeal and prevents property damage and potential safety concerns. That’s why it is a good idea to prune your tree often; it will keep your tree healthier and ensure your nearby trees’ health and people’s safety. Hedge King will provide you with many tree care signs that may indicate tree pruning service in Ottawa

tree pruning

Broken Branches

Any broken and hanging branches are a sure sign that your trees need to be trimmed as they lead to a harsh safety hazard. So, it is essential to treat them as soon as possible. Not all damaged branches will be easily noticed, so make sure you inspect your property after every terrible storm and provide Ottawa tree pruning service if you notice any broken branches.

Dead/diseased limbs

One of the most obvious signs your trees need to be pruned is dead/diseased branches. Avoiding unhealthy trees can spread quickly and even kill your other trees. These dead limbs may also indicate a pest issue. Although all trees die from infections, you may see some deadwood. Make sure you trim the dead or dying trees from your yard if you want to keep your tree healthy and happy as well as improve your yard’s curb appeal. 

Branch Density

If you notice excessive growth of your tree’s branch, this means it is a time to prune your tree. There are more chances to bend your trees during extreme weather and damage, so branch density can become hazardous. It is essential to trim your branches immediately. Make sure you hire an experienced tree arborist like Hedge King for tree pruning service in Ottawa if you plan to trim your trees or plants.

Weak Branches

If your trees’ branches become infested with pests or disease, they become worthless. If you notice any cracked and bowed branches, it is time to get pruning. Weak limbs are more likely to break and hurt someone. By Ottawa tree pruning, you will remove the threat and encourage healthy branches’ new growth. When it comes to removing large, weak stems, it is better to contact an experienced arborist. Wild limbs that have been left can reach nearby buildings and twist themselves around other trees and power lines and lead excessive property damage.

Unusual Tree Growth

Trees naturally grow horizontally towards the sun. However, when it comes about rural areas, your trees have to fight with other trees just because of lack of space. Instead of vertically, they extend outward, leading to heavy branches that can collapse under their weight. Regular tree pruning service in Ottawa helps avoid this problem and reduces your unusual tree growth’s value, making it less hazardous.

A Misshaped Tree

The neglecting tree can affect your tree’s beauty and structural integrity. A misshaped tree not only looks bad but also leads to breakage and property damage. So, it is essential to prune a misshaped tree before converting your small problems into significant issues.

Get help from Hedge King for Ottawa tree pruning!

Hiring a certified arborist to prune your trees is recommended. If you are looking for an experienced tree care service provider for tree pruning service in Ottawa, Hedge King is the right place for you. We understand how to prune your trees to preserve and prevent them from your property damage. Our experienced and highly skilled arborists have extensive experience trimming trees throughout Ottawa. We are fully certified and insured so that you can trust your trees in our hands. To know more information, contact us at 613-265-0908 for scheduling a consultant!