Common Signs Your Tree Is Not Completely Healthy

March 20th, 2020

At Hedge King, our priority is the health of all the trees on your property. Besides tree removal, we also offer tree spraying services that will help your hedge live a long, healthy life. Once you get spraying and other protection services for your trees, diseases or major concerns won’t be a risk at all. If you haven’t had these services done, there could be many signs your hedges are […]

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Check This Out To Ensure The Need For An Emergency Tree Removal

December 5th, 2019

Trees in the backyard help us in many ways, such as resisting all weather conditions, giving us sheds, etc. It also helps in making our backyard look sturdy and strong. But do you know that if any tree starts developing diseases, it becomes risky for all other living beings around it? But you can avoid such adverse effects caused by these disease-sum trees by getting professionals for tree removal in […]

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Sure Signs You Need a Tree Removal Service

September 19th, 2019

  Trees are beneficial to our environment. But sometimes it is better to remove them. Call a company that offers tree removal in Ottawa if you notice these conditions. When the barks are automatically peeled off and the patches become visible. If not treated on time, it could quickly spread to the surrounding trees. When the tree has started leaning because of overgrowth of branches. If fallen down, it could […]

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Recommended Lawn Shrubs Heights By Season

July 5th, 2019

Trees keep on changing throughout the year. With this change, the appearance of lawns also keeps on changing. Then how can you optimize the better care for your lawn? Well, depending on the seasons and its specialty, we can give our lawns grasses and trees the height for their healthiest grow. Here we will dive deep into the best insights to make your lawn nice looking as well as growing […]

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