Tree Care Tips for Summer


As soon as summer comes again, you will start wondering how to take care of the trees properly so that they stay pest-free and healthy. Before you hire a tree removal Ottawa service, make sure that you have some basic knowledge about the trees.

Do’s and Don’ts of Tree Care in Summer

Proper maintenance and tree care require a lot of hard work. But it is not as difficult as you may think. As long as you have an understanding of basic tree facts, you should be okay. The key is to know what the trees want with changing seasons.

There are some common mistakes committed by a lot of homeowners during summer –

  1. Over-watering of plants: Yes, the moisture level of trees indeed drops in summers. But that does not mean you will over water the plants in an attempt to keep them hydrated. If trees get too much water in any season (including summer), it can lead to deterioration of health. Whether or not the trees should be watered depends on the soil condition. In case the soil is damp or soggy, the trees do not have to be watered. Also, always remember that you should water the roots rather than the soil.

  2. Pruning and trimming: Trees are active in the summer season. They bloom and look amazing with thick canopies and green leaves. If you decide to trim or prune the trees in this season, it can lead to increased stress on the trees. The best time to prune trees is when they are dormant. Trees go into the dormant state during winters.

  3. Mulching the trees: In the spring season, mulching is common. But in case you forget, summer is not a bad season for it as well. Mulching does not only enhances the look of your garden but preserves moisture in the soil. It helps minimize the stress level of trees in the summer.

  4. Watering the trees: Keep the first point in mind but don’t forget to water the plants completely. All kinds of trees require a different amount of water, so it is important to keep a check on the same.

  5. Insect infection and storm damage: If you want to inspect your trees for any kind of storm damage or insect infection, summer is the best season. During this time, both trees as well as insects are active. So, if you want to make sure that the trees are always healthy; keep a check for insects! Also, look for storm damage. If there is a possibility of strong winds and thunderstorms; a proper prevention plan should be kept in place.

Are you all done with your care tips? If you are still looking for some help, get in touch with the experts at Hedge King Ottawa. Our experts will inspect the trees properly during summer and assist you in taking care of them. Join hands with the best Ottawa tree service and watch your trees bloom in the sunshine!