Trimming Cedar Hedges in Stittsville

When to Trim Cedar Hedges in Ottawa


Are you thinking When to Trim Cedar Hedges in Ottawa? At Hedge King Ottawa, we provide you with the best hedge trimming Stittsville. Hedge trimming is a difficult task. Homeowners cannot perform this task themselves. They require professional and tools to trim the cedar hedge in their backyard. Most people ignore the trimming of a hedge. It can be due to negligence. They might be worried about not destroying the whole plant. The solution to both of these problems is that they must hire a professional. Hedge king Ottawa is known for their hedge trimming Stittsville specialty. Hedge king Ottawa has trained professionals to trim the hedge and maintaining its elegance. They know When to Trim Cedar Hedges in Ottawa.

Maintenance of hedge is vital

Maintenance of hedge is very necessary. During the growth years of the hedge, pruning is done to ensure better growth. While the hedge is completely grown, it must be trimmed yearly. Hedge king Ottawa is known for understanding the best duration to trim cedar hedges. They are acknowledged of the complete maintenance of cedar hedge.  Maintenance of hedge requires proper feeding and watering, the best time to trim the hedge, shaping and proper practice to trim the hedge. Hedge King Ottawa has hired experts to deal with all the care of the cedar hedge in your yards.

Best time to trim the cedar hedge

 According to Hedge King Ottawa, there is a specific time When to Trim Cedar Hedges in Ottawa. You must trim the hedge but at its specific time. Ignoring this fact might destroy the whole hedge. It requires a professional to identify the trimming time of the cedar hedge. Cedar hedge must be trimmed in the MidSummer and verge of the Fall.

Trimming other hedges vs cedar hedge

Trimming hedge can be tricky, you must trim two-thirds of the length. Hedge King Ottawa professionals make sure that they trim the right length. It will improve the growth of side outgrowths which will lead the development of inner shoots towards each other.  Short trimming of the top shoots will lead to the growth of side branches. To make it look beautiful and healthy, it must be shaped wide on lowest sides. Hence, controlling the upper growth of shoots will maintain its height. 

How and When to Trim Cedar Hedges in Ottawa?

Trimming a cedar hedge is different from other hedges. Cedar hedge grows from 2 to 3 feet per year. Over pruning will destroy the hedge. The cedar hedge will never return to its beautiful shape again. You should not thin the cedar hedge. Just shorten the hedge. You must trim up to foot every year. If you will carefully cut off the cedar hedge, the shoots will start growing inward. It will fill the space between the cedar hedges. Hedge King Ottawa are acknowledged about cutting every hedge in the best style. If you want to know how and When to Trim Cedar Hedges in Ottawa? We can help you. 

 Hedge king Ottawa

If you want to trim or replace your hedge, or want to know the right time When to Trim Cedar Hedges in Ottawa, Hedge King Ottawa is the best option. We will send professionals to identify the best day to cut your cedar hedge. Our professionals can maintain every kind of hedge. They use bags to remove the trimmed bushes from your yard keeping it clean and neat


You can reach Hedge King Ottawa if you want to know When to Trim Cedar Hedges in Ottawa. Our hedge specialists and arborists are ready throughout the year. 

Highquality service

Hedge king Ottawa procures high-quality service to all the Ottawa customers. Hedge and tree trimming of Hedge King Ottawa is known for its superiority.

So, if you are looking for the best time When to Trim Cedar Hedges in Ottawa? Call us instantly.