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Premium Cedar Hedges

We use only the highest quality fully cultivated eastern white cedar hedges. These are not the typical spindly field cedars that you find at most garden centers. Fully cultivated cedars are grown on a dedicated cedar farm where they are fertilized and strategically pruned yearly to promote the thickest growth. This ensures you get the best possible results on the day of your planting and for many years to come. (Expect fully cultivated cedars to put you 3 years of growth ahead of the growth on a field cedar)  We will fertilize your new hedges as we plant them to give them all that they need for the first year in their new home.

All that is left for you to do is water! All our hedge plantings are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of installation.

Enhance Your Landscape with Cedar Hedges

Cedar hedges can have many positive effects on your landscape, which include:

  • Providing privacy options that a simple 7ft fence cannot offer eastern white cedars do not shed all their leaves in the fall, thus providing year round privacy.
  • There are by-laws restricting fence heights but not for limiting the height of a hedge. This can be ideal for backyard privacy.
  • Adding color to your landscape
  • Providing a living barrier which will become a home to birds and other small creatures
  • Cedar hedges can be used to hide or disguise certain aspects of your landscape (i.e. hydro boxes, cable and phone junction boxes, pool sheds and pump houses)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cedar hedges should be trimmed professionally once a year around the same time. This promotes healthy growth and keeps the hedge looking full and rich in colour.
Yes Hedge King is fully insured. We have a claim free history and a copy of Hedge King’s insurance is available for review at anytime.
It is important to get you hedge trimmed when there is no frost or a risk of frost. Typically anytime between late April and late October is a safe time.
After a thorough clean up we place the hedge trimmings neatly at the end of the driveway. Then with in 24 hours, our friends at Recycled Cedars will come and pick them up.

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