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Revitalize Your Shrubs with Expert Trimming

All shrubs are beautiful and well proportioned when they are first brought home from the garden center but in no time at all they can seem to lose their shape, density and balance. This is due to environmental factors that include: access to sunlight or shade, proximity of neighboring plants and trees, or the amount of water that they receive. Regular trimming will help train your shrubs to hold the shape and look the way you desire.

At Hedge King our staff have more than 25 years of combined trimming experience. We can refresh the look of your tired or overgrown plantings, and with repeated maintenance we can keep your yard looking its very best.

Did you know that regular trimming of your ornamental shrubs is an easy way to increase the curb appeal of your home?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cedar hedges should be trimmed professionally once a year around the same time. This promotes healthy growth and keeps the hedge looking full and rich in colour.
Yes Hedge King is fully insured. We have a claim free history and a copy of Hedge King’s insurance is available for review at anytime.
It is important to get you hedge trimmed when there is no frost or a risk of frost. Typically anytime between late April and late October is a safe time.
After a thorough clean up we place the hedge trimmings neatly at the end of the driveway. Then with in 24 hours, our friends at Recycled Cedars will come and pick them up.

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