Types of Spider Builds webs in Trees: How to get rid of them?

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If you are thinking about tree, impressive, magnificent and marvelous, usually common words will come to your mind. However, these words out and get replaced by something like creepy and scary, especially when you see large, silky nests in your tree. You are wondering what kind of spider builds webs in your trees? Well, you will be surprised to know that it is not a spider, but it is another tree pest like Eastern caterpillars and fall web worms.

If you notice spider webs in your landscape’s trees and want to get rid of them, first you need to know what they are and why they make webs. Here is everything mentioned about spider builds a web in your trees.

Why does your tree have “Spider Webs” on its branches?

If you think spider makes webs on your trees, you’re mistaken as fall web worms, or Eastern tent caterpillars are guilty of those webs. These types of caterpillars weave a thick web when they feed on trees. They eat different kinds of trees but only create a serious issue for black cherry trees. So, if you see tree webs in spring, that’s mean, your tree has tent caterpillars.

The life cycle of fall web worms or tent caterpillars

As the name implies, you will find web worms most often in fall. However, they are there all year. For example, in winter, those insects give eggs which produce in spring and summer, they start to eat your tree leaves and spin webs in time for fall. 


No, fall webworms or caterpillars can’t damage you trees. The only threat about fall webworms and tent caterpillar is that they are an eyesore. However, when it comes about younger trees, the story of spider webs is different. 

How to get rid of Spider Webs?

You can remove webs from branches and improve your trees’ look by using a broom. However, fall webworms live in cocoons in winter instead of their nets, so if you remove just their webs, they will return next summer. To get rid of fall webworms for good, hire tree cutting service in Ottawa and apply an insecticide to tree leaves.

Hopefully, you have understood everything about the spider builds web and how to get rid of them. There are many ways to remove fall webworms and tent caterpillars from your trees. However, hiring an experienced tree arborist for tree cutting in Ottawa is one of the best ways.

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