Warning Signs That Your Tree Might Fall

Warning Signs That Your Tree Might Fall

A lot of people are surprised when the tree suddenly falls. We always think that trees are so huge that they are strong and tough enough that it will take a hurricane to unroot them. Those who are not tree experts will not know that trees are prone to external factors that can damage or fall over. Trees are just like living organisms; susceptible to decay, disease, and aging. They usually become weak and old over time. If you identify any of the below discussed signs, it is time to call an Ottawa tree trimming service to help you out!

Reasons for a Tree to Fall Over

There are a lot of reasons for the trees to fall over –

  • Poor soil condition
  • Malnutrition
  • Improper planting condition
  • Old age
  • Flooding
  • Construction damage
  • Insect infestation

No one can predict the exact time when a tree is going to fall. But we can still spot the warning signs and take some initiatives to protect them. Here are some of the telltale signs that you should know –

Dead branches that can fall with a little agitation

Although when you see dead branches, it may not always mean that the entire tree is going to fall over. It however will inform you about the present situation of your tree. When those dead branches start to fall, it means that the tree is trying to tell you that something is wrong with it. Shredding branches indicate that the tree is self-pruning. If it is trying to reduce its size, that means that there is not enough nourishment and the tree is being attacked by the burrowing insects.

A cavity in the tree trunk

If the tree is shedding its branches through self-pruning, there is a possibility of the formation of a cavity in the trunk. The broken branch with an open wound will lead to the decay of the tree. Although it still does not mean that the tree is going to fall off. If there is not enough wound around the cavity, then the tree might break into half or tip over.

Presence of missing bark or deep cracks on the tree trunk

If your tree is dying or already dead; you will find certain patches of cankers (missing bark) on the tree trunk. You should get it examined by a professional arborist. If there are deep cracks present on the trunk, take care of the tree before it is too late.

Rotten and weak roots

Roots are covered in the soil so it is not easy for people to spot if they are weak or rotten. So, the best way to spot this is to check for mushrooms and fungi around the trunk or base of the tree.

If you can spot any of these signs in your backyard trees, call Hedge King Ottawa services. We provide one of the best tree trimming services Ottawa has ever seen! With years of experience and a mission to keep our customers happy; we will make sure that you are completely satisfied.