Cedar Hedge Trimming in Ottawa

Cedar hedge Trimming is possibly one of the underrated landscaping plants. Cedar hedges are naturally beautiful, so they improve your home’s curb appeal. Cedar hedges give the walkaways, lawns and gardens a gorgeous compliment. Your home resale value can increase unbelievably if you maintain and make neat cedar hedge trimming a habit.

Cedar hedge trimming entails cutting tall hedges for different purposes. A trimmed cedar hedge will not only make your property beautiful but also create an eco-friendly environment. Cedar hedge trimming is the right solution for you if you need to increase your home’s value.

Here is an insight into why you need to trim your cedar hedges during summer;

Distinguishing Old and New Growth is Easier

Summer is the ideal season for cedar hedge trimming since the Cedar will have finished its growth for the year. The Cedar will have a new growth that is lighter green, different from the previous year’s stems. This is essential because you will only prune into the current year’s growth.

Cedar Hedge Trimming Helps in Controlling Pests

Cedar hedge trimming during summer is essential in pest control. Removing leaves, branches, and fruits with mites and aphids can protect a cedar tree’s total health and longevity. Trimming will also ensure that the Cedar produces sweet fruits free of pests. It is wise to throw away the defective leaves and fruits as keeping them around can encourage infestation.

Preventing Infection | Hedge King Ottawa

Cedar trees are prone to diseases. Trimming the infected leaves during summer will assist in preventing the spreading of infection to the entire plant. It will help to check the tree parts for rot and fungus and remove the limb to prevent spreading.

Removing Dead Leaves and Branches

Trimming the damaged, rotten or dead parts of a tree is done well during summer. Doing so encourages vigorous cedar growth and reduces the chances of causing extra damage.

Assists Fruit Producing Cedars to be Strong

Fruit producing Cedar trees are potential candidates for summer trimming. Cedar hedge trimming will allow more light penetration to encourage tree growth. Proper trimming will make mature Cedar produce big and good quality fruits. Increasing light due to cedar hedge trimming will encourage air circulation to improve tree health. Trimming during summer will promote the growth of health and durable branches that support future health fruits.

Encouraging Hearty Growth

Cedar hedge trimming during summer can encourage vigor. It will help to trim weak trees back about 3 inches from the end of every soft and leafy shoot. You can repeat a similar process in another summer if there is speedy side-shoot growth. But it is wise if you let professional tree trimmers do their job if your lack the trimming skills.
Removing Aggressive Shoots and Redirecting the Branches
Summer is the right time to trim the cedar trees and remove the aggressive shoots. Work with an expert trimmer to return the shrubs with suckering tendencies to shape. You can also reduce the size and redirect the branches that are overreaching your neighbor’s structures and plants. Use this opportunity to thin and head the cedar trees that need care.

Restoring Shape and Structure

Summer is an excellent time for restorative trimming. You have the chance to correct all the problems that result from over-trimming or poor trimming. You can clean up the damage that resulted from spring and winter storms. Cedar hedge trimming will restore the shape of your tree. But you need to evaluate the tree type and its growth pattern before trimming to prevent new problems.

Assists in Slowing the Growth of the Tree

If you feel your tree growing faster and want to slow it, summer is the right time. Cedar hedge trimming will reduce the total leaf surface. There will be a reduction in the quantity of food produced and sent to the roots resulting in slow development.

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Properly trimmed trees live longer and maintain an attractive appearance. If you love a beautiful landscape but are unsure how to maintain it, relax, we are at your service. We value your convenience anytime. Call us to start enjoying our friendly yet professional services.

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